Meet the Bridal Party

Thomas A. Warren Best Man
Tom is Julio’s father and best buddy. Thanks to the miracle of ultrasound, Tom has known Julio since before he was born. Julio loves his father very much and looks to Tom as the quintessential example of a model citizen, loving father, and devout Catholic Christian. Julio would be nowhere near the man he is today without his dad’s love and support throughout his whole life.

Victor E. Rodriguez Head Groomsman
Victor is Julio’s younger cousin and dearest friend. Julio admires Victor’s loyalty to his family and his relentless pursuit of excellence in all aspects of his life. Julio knows he can always turn to Victor (and vice-versa) for his wisdom, impartial advice, and straight-talk. He is humbled to call Victor his cousin, friend, and Head Groomsman.

Erik M. Mueller, Ph.D. Groomsman
Erik is Julio’s longtime friend (since 1984), having attended Catholic school and then the University of Florida together. Julio marvels at Erik’s impeccable memory, as he can recall, in detail, any event in the last 28 years of their friendship – making Erik the official historian and biographer of the groomsman party.

Jeffrey D. Suhey Groomsman
Jeff has been Julio’s friend since the early 1990’s, having attended Bishop Kenny High School and the University of Florida together. They have remained good friends throughout graduate school/medical school and multiple moves; Julio hopes and expects that this friendship will continue, even after Jeff’s band hits it big.

Jason D. Cervantes Groomsman
Like Erik, Jason is Julio’s friend dating back to 1st grade at Sacred Heart Catholic School in Jacksonville, FL. For the past 28 years, Jason has been among his closest friends. Jason is a proud father to his son Trent and still resides in Duuu-val; he can count on seeing Julio for the occasional Jaguars game and River Run for years to come.

Andrew A. Cox Groomsman
One of the original “Sacred Heart 5”, Andy has been Julio’s friend for nearly 30 years. Andy is a proud husband and father of two daughters. He is a pillar of the community in his native Jacksonville. Despite the distance, Julio and Andy remain close friends, as Andy has proven time and again that no driving distance is too far for those close to him.

Suzy Woltmann Maid of Honor
Suzy is the bride’s sister and closest confidant. They have been inseparable since Suzy was born when Katy was not quite two years old. They have often been accused of speaking their own language with each other and are frequently mistaken for twins. They have enjoyed being tennis doubles partners, backpacking through Costa Rica together, sharing the exact same sense of humor, and above all else, just being blisses!

Cristina M. Vila Matron of Honor
Cristina is Katy’s future sister-in-law. She is a dedicated wife and mother to two young boys (one of whom who will be serving as the ring bearer!) Katy looks up to Cristina as an exemplary model of how to raise a loving, faithful family. Cristina has been a phenomenal ally in helping to plan the wedding!

Kristina Keating Bridesmaid
Kristina and Katy met in 6th grade at the private school they attended. Katy was a newcomer to the school, and Kristina was the first person to befriend ‘the new girl.’ Though Kristina moved to Boston a few short years later, they have remained the best of friends. Katy feels blessed to have a friend like Kristina and hopes their late night chats, laughing until their sides hurt, and inside jokes will continue on.

Jennifer Mathis Bridesmaid
Jenn is another valued companion that Katy met during middle school. They became friends while playing for their school’s softball team (Go Lancers!) Katy was a pitcher and Jenn held the position of catcher, so it did not take long for them to form a lifelong friendship. Katy admires Jenn’s passion for life and independent spirit.

Camille Gomez Bridesmaid
Camille and Katy met while in Psychology class during high school. They have since been intricately interconnected in each other’s lives, from searching for prom dresses together, to snowball fights in the Big Apple, to contemplating over which graduate school to attend. Camille’s character and winning mentality are commendable.

Lara Romanello Bridesmaid
Lara (AKA: Ladybug) and Katy have also been best pals since high school. Katy is consistently awed both at Lara’s extreme silliness and at her authentic love for God. Every interaction with these girls ends up being an uproarious adventure. Katy is ecstatic to have Lara by her side as she becomes wed.

Ring Bearer

Javier Vila
Javier is Julio's godson / nephew. At the ripe age of 5, Javi is a veteran ring bearer with 2 previous weddings under his belt in the last 3 years. He loves school, dinosaurs, pirates (ARRRG!), and drawing. When at a theme park, or even The Florida Aquarium, he will be seen with a map in his hands telling everyone what they NEED to see next. Julio and Katy experienced this first hand during a recent trip to the aquarium.

Our Wedding Officiant

Father Julio B. Rivero, T.O.R.
The groom has looked to Fr. Julio B. Rivero as a friend in Christ and spiritual advisor for over twenty years. Julio and Katy are thrilled to have this holy priest preside over the Sacraments with them on their wedding day.

Lectors: Jeremy Bills and Justin R. Federico, D.O